Moroccan white checkered rug – custom size rug – handmade beni ourain wool rug

Introducing the Moroccan White Checkered Rug – a masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship. This Handmade Custom Beni Ourain Wool Rug, fantastically distinctive with a traditional white checkered sample, brings a touch of appeal and authenticity to any residing area.

Original price was: د.م. 481,00.Current price is: د.م. 125,00.


Introducing The Moroccan White Checkered Rug is more than only a decor piece – it is a customized masterpiece that encapsulates the timeless essence of Moroccan craftsmanship. Handmade with care the usage of Beni Ourain Wool, this bespoke rug boasts a traditional white checkered sample that exudes appeal and authenticity, raising any living area.
Crafted with precision and willpower, this Moroccan rug functions with intricate styles and motifs that narrate a tale of lifestyle and artistry. Every thread is intricately intertwined, growing a rich tapestry of authenticity and creativity, forming a visible wonder that imbues an experience of tradition and background into your own home.
The white checkered layout of this rug provides a touch of everlasting sophistication to your indoor decor. Its custom sizing guarantees a great match within your space, harmonizing both style and feature seamlessly.
Invite the appeal of Moroccan craftsmanship into your area with the Handmade Custom Moroccan White Checkered Rug, an image of culture, artistry, and personalized elegance. It’s more than just a rug; it’s an assertion piece that transforms your living place right into a sanctuary of subculture and refinement.


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