Moroccan yellow rug – custom size rug – handmade wool rug

Introducing the Moroccan Yellow Rug – a personalized masterpiece that encapsulates the tricky artistry of Moroccan craftsmanship. This Handmade Custom Size Wool Rug, proposing a luminous yellow hue, easily infuses your dwelling space with appeal and authenticity.

Original price was: د.م. 481,00.Current price is: د.م. 125,00.


Introducing the Moroccan Yellow Rug – a customized masterpiece designed to embody the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship. Crafted with care, this Handmade Custom Size Wool Rug features a radiant yellow hue that infuses both appeal and authenticity into your residing area.
Every element of this Moroccan rug has been carefully taken into consideration, showcasing tricky patterns and motifs that narrate the tale of way of life and artistry. Each thread intertwines to create a tapestry of authenticity and creativity, resulting in a visual marvel that harmonizes with the atmosphere of your private home.
The vibrant yellow shade of this rug introduces a sense of vibrancy and positivity to your decor. Its customizable size ensures it fits elegantly into your area, enriching both the style and capability of the room.
Enrich your living region with the charming appeal of Moroccan craftsmanship embodied in this Handmade Custom Moroccan Yellow Rug. More than only a rug, it symbolizes lifestyle, artistry, and personalized elegance – remodeling your area right into a sanctuary of style and intrigue.


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